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Weddings UK Are Still Stepped In Old Traditions

This is all great for the bride and groom as they will have some great memories to remember for the future and then when they attend a wedding and all these traditions are being played out in front of them again then they will remember their wedding. There are no other weddings on earth maybe other than the wedding UK celebrates with so many old and new traditions. The UK weddings are beautiful and nostalgic and each one of their customs can be tracked to quite a few hundreds of years ago. The wedding UK celebrates today still choose the right flowers for the bride according to what they symbolize - such as white chrysanthemums for truth, red roses for passion, and so on.

This custom originates from the time when in ancient civilizations they were wearing spices in their dress or clothes to ward off evil spirits. The bride being so beautiful on her wedding day, and also coupling the fact the evil was always attracted to a virgin, the flowers were given to ward off the evil (in the beginning it was only smelling herbs which slowly changed to flowers). The wedding UK showcases today have deep roots in the ancient England which was once upon a time plagued with fear of witchcraft and evil spells. There is another meaning attached to the flowers which are always in bloom. It symbolizes that the bride is in full bloom and ready to start her new life.

Flowers have different meaning and just a century back, young people could send messages to each other only with the help of flowers. The wedding UK celebrates today still carries the residue of that custom. You will want to know why in UK weddings the bride always stands on the left side of the groom.

This custom has its roots in the times when the brides were conquered with swords not with love and words. Hence, when the bride was kidnapped or captured, the man held her on his left side for two reasons - one to protect her, and the other to have his right hand free in case he needed to fight the enemy. There is another sweet custom in the wedding UK follows today i.

e. the first dance at the wedding is with her father then with her father-in-law, while the groom dances with his mother and then with his mother-in-law. It shows respect and the beginning of new relationships that have started with the new wedding.

During a UK wedding traditions are followed very systematically and each gesture creates a warm feeling among the guests and family. There is the custom of throwing confetti. This habit is followed in many other countries in Europe as well - though sometime the confetti is replaced with grains. It is believed that the grains or confetti symbolize fertility and just grains give birth to new life, in the same way the new couple will give birth to new generations to follow and promote their linage on earth. Then there are the wedding favors which the newly wedded couple gifts the guests and family members who attended the marriage. The wedding favors always make as a thank you for coming gift.

This is presented to all the guests along with the wedding cake as a remembrance and gesture of good will for their time and good wishes. A UK wedding is a great day for both sides of the family and it is a coming together of two people that love each other and then there is the expanding of the families that are coming together to share their happy memories.

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