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Unique Wedding Favor Series Seed Favor Kits

The latest trends in wedding favors are those that create an experience for your guests long after the wedding is over. Wedding blend wildflower seed favors are a wonderful way give thanks to your cherished guests and embody the growing love of your marriage. Wedding seed favor kits are available in beautiful satiny white envelopes and tied with an elegant pastel ribbon. Each seed packet sends a message about your ever blooming love for the beloved friends and family that came together to make your wedding day such as special occasion. Like your love, wildflowers are hearty and burst into bloom with minimal effort. Unlike many flowers, wildflowers will continue to bloom year after year.

Seed favor kits are a great way to literally spread far-reaching seeds of joy and happiness. Because guests come to celebrate your wedding from all around the world, wildflower seed favors are an excellent seed choice as they will flourish in just about any climate. Package seed favor kits with a set of small hand gardening tools in a gorgeous flower pot or wicker basket. Add a small wind chime along with the seed favor kit to create a well rounded gift that indulges all 5 senses.

As your guests sow the seeds, they can relive the natural beauty of your wedding day. Try adding a printed scroll with your seed favor kits depicting one of the many beautiful love-stories and folklore tales that have their roots in wildflowers such as the poem by John Gay of Black-Eyed Susan and Sweet William. In this love poem Black-Eyed Susan and Sweet William were separated by circumstance continued to search for each other. In wildflower gardens around the world, the Black-Eyed Susan and Sweet William wild flowers are said to bloom at the same time and look stunning together. Wedding seed favor kits speak volumes about your philosophy on never ending love and friendship. Although the wedding day has passed and the big event is over, the spirit of friendship and natural joy lives on as the flowers take bloom.

Seeds are a symbol of growth, life, and selfless joy. Without the company of friends, family, and loved ones, the entire wedding production would be a much less memorable experience. It's important to reward friends and family that come to make your wedding a special day with a thoughtful favor gift.

The author is a freelance copywriter. To find seed wedding favors for your special day, try This site offers a wide variety of wedding favors.

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