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Tips for Cyber Seduction Success Guaranteed

If you've never experienced success in the seduction department out in the real world, your luck just might change in the cyber arena. NEWBIES BE WARNED Before we move on to cyber seduction tips, it's imperative that newbies be warned about expecting too much from their first attempt. While it's quite possible for you to strike gold at the first try, it's also possible for you to fail. Nevertheless, don't beat yourself too much about it. It's your first time, so cut yourself some slack.

Practice makes perfect and as long as you follow our tips to the letter, you're sure to get lucky sooner than you think! STRIKING A BALANCE BETWEEN REALITY AND FANTASY Have you ever fantasized about becoming the life of the party if only you were more lively, open, interesting, yada, yada? With cyber seduction, your fantasies have the opportunity to come true! The physical barriers between you and your cyber date allow you to eliminate inhibitions and insecurities that a live date would never permit you to forget. Remember, however, that what we're advising you to do is just to let the real "you" out: the person of interest under the layers of shyness and drab clothing. We're not, however, advising you to become someone you're truly not. If you pretend to be someone else, whatever success your cyber seduction ploy gains is merely an illusion. DON'T BE AFRAID TO BECOME TOO FUNNY, TOO SEXY, OR TOO EVERYTHING Let yourself shine! This may probably be the only opportunity you have to impress a date without risking live embarrassment.

Crack that joke you've always known would make people laugh. Say those sexy words you're sure would turn your date on. Don't let this opportunity go to waste! TIMING IS STILL CRITICAL Even if it's still just a cyber date where no sun or moon rises and indicates the passage of time, you still have to be disciplined and patient enough to let nature takes it course between the two of you. Even if you think you've already met the one you wish to spend the rest of your life with, it doesn't necessarily mean that the other person feels the same.

Give both of yourselves time to know and fall for each other more. FRIENDSHIP IS SEDUCTIVE Sometimes, people go online looking for friendship or simply for someone to talk to. The lure of great companionship and meaningful conversation is too seductive to resist for most people.

Thus, make sure that you don't concentrate your whole mind on becoming sexy and funny. You have to make an effort to become understanding and sympathetic as well. MAKE USE OF ONLINE RESOURCES What's the use of having a cyber date if you don't take advantage of all the free resources provided by the Internet? Change the backdrop of your chat window, add music, and use lovely font if you think it can help. Invite your date to visit websites, participate in quizzes, and do other stuff online that you're sure would give both yourselves a lovely time. ONE LAST WARNING TO ALL Contrary to popular belief, women have double standards as well with regard to people they're dating online or offline. For men, naughty hot girls are for play while elegant chicks are ones they can bring home to momma.

For women, what their hearts hunger for is sometimes different from what their brains are telling them to go after. Consequently, what role do you want to play: angel or devil? This will ensure that you're entertaining no illusions when your cyber seduction success becomes successful.

Having trouble meeting women? Check out this excellent guide on the seduction of women from a womans point of view on the art of seduction!

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