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Improve your Outlook with Distance Learning Microsoft Outlook Courses

Distance learning Microsoft Outlook 2000 certification may land you the job you seek! Your ability to harness the power of Microsoft Office may well be what your prospective employer is looking for. The course provides you with the required advanced skills and functions to impress your employer. A certification in Microsoft Outlook 2000 would go a long way towards increasing your competence and productivity and improving your credibility among coworkers and colleagues. It makes you more competitive in the job market and brings you greater opportunities, career advancement and job satisfaction. The integrated messaging feature and database of this application will enable you to send and receive email, create appointments and reminders, record information about tasks to be completed, track addresses, phone numbers and maintain all the essential information that your employer considers to be within the purview of your assignment.

Course Content Distance learning Microsoft Outlook 2000 courses are tailored to the student's needs. Often a pre-assessment test is used to judge the level of student ability and the course is customized to address the gaps in the student's understanding of the software. Online experts support the trainee and the latest technology is harnessed to simulate the software and give the student an actual feel of the application.

The anywhere, anytime learning feature of distance learning courses also helps a large number of students pursue their fulltime careers while they acquire new skills on the side. Most of these courses require the student to have a familiarity with the Windows operating environment. Students are taught how to create users and modify information services; use the interface; send and receive email messages; use the calendar to record upcoming events and appointments; create and manage name, address and other information about business and personal contacts; create and monitor tasks, Use notes, and use the other integrated features with other office programs. Universities and Institutions Proficiency with Microsoft Office tools is considered one the essential skills of student life in a large number of Universities and a number of employers consider it a must for those who will be handling and maintaining the correspondence of a business. The Southwestern Oklahoma State University offers Microsoft Office User Specialist Certification and distance learning Microsoft Outlook 2000 is one of the subjects for this certification.

KnowledgeNet offers Microsoft Outlook 2000 courses at the beginner, intermediate and expert levels. ICSLearn has an integrated course for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook 2000 is part of it. The eLearning Center has a separate course on Microsoft Outlook 2000, which takes the user from the beginner level to the expert level gradually. Finally offers a number of e-Learning courses that students can take before they sit for the certification exam. If you are working with an organization that is moving on to an electronic era of communication, skills in Microsoft Outlook 2000 will be a plus in your CV.

Distance learning Microsoft Outlook 2000 courses will enable you get the necessary certification and expertise, while you keep up with your busy schedule. Enroll for a course now and take advantage of the new era in learning!.

Jim Zorn is web master of the Guide to Distance Learning. Please visit to learn more about online colleges and universities, distance learning degrees, majors and courses offered.

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