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How To Sleep With A Girl On The First Date

Most guys think it would be easier to sleep with a girl by taking her directly from the club to their house the same night than it would to get a number, meet for a date and then do it. However, if you know what you are doing, you will be able to sleep with girls on a first date very consistently, and even if it only took you a few minutes to get the number. Here's what you do: 1.

Meet at Night, Near Your House When you call, tell them that she can come with you for a drink at a nice place you know. Make the meeting place within a few minutes of your house. Make the meeting time sometime after dinner in the evening. The reason you meet in the night should be clear if you have ever had a coffee shop date where the sexual tension and excitement has all fizzled out over an hour or two of boring conversation. This also leads on to the next rule.

2. Treat Her Like Your Girlfriend When you meet her, hug her, kiss her on the cheek, and take her hand, put your arm around her, or walk arm-in-arm. I'll make something clear, if she has met you for a date, attraction is assumed. She'll be comfortable as long as you are. Lead her to the venue if you didn't meet there already.

3. Get Comfortable, Don't Let the Tension Slip Away Once in the bar, sit within touching distance of her. Don't leave a big space between you. Your conversation should be aimed at getting connections. Mix in some playful teasing and also some sexual looks. This should mix things up and ensure the sexual tension remains.

4. The Extraction Now hopefully you live in a city where the bars close at 11pm. If not, you can say, "let's go somewhere else" Throw in a reason if you like- too noisy, crowded, smoky, whatever. Lead her outside and walk down the road with her towards your house.

As you walk, keep the conversation going about whatever you were talking about. She will be distracted until you reach the house. 5. The Objection When she realises you have taken her to your house, she will object in 90% of cases. Like "where are we?", "why are we at your house?" Here you can either say you wanted to show her something (a pet, some pictures), say you remembered you had some nice wine so she can come in for a bit but that you can't stay up late because you have to wake up early.

Remember that this is only a logical objection, if she is still walking with you, she does actually want to stay with you. 6. Smoothly Seduce When in the house, let her sit down (I only have a bedroom and she can only sit on the bed!).

Get her a drink and sit a little bit away from her. Put some music on if you have it. Give her some space and time to get comfortable. Tone down the sexuality (unless she is obviously raring to go). Give it some time, then pay her a compliment and move in and start kissing.

Be slow and smooth, slowly work up. If she objects again, just move back a step and keep things going.

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