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How To Find Great Wedding Gifts That Wont Break You

Taking the time to pick out a special gift or creatively put something together for them will be more memorable than kitchen supplies, towels and other gifts that are commonly given at weddings. A wedding gift does not have to be expensive to be well received and appreciated by the new bride and groom. By putting in a bit of thought you can find wonderful gifts without emptying your wallet.

Creative Gifts There are several different ideas for making inexpensive wedding gifts. The happy couple will feel blessed that you took the time to put together something special. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant. It's really the tought that counts. Some ideas are; A creative yet useful gift is to fill a mixing bowl with a variety of kitchen utensils. Use a basket containing the elements of a romantic dinner.

Include items such as pasta, sauce, a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. You could also include a sweet desert, like biscotti or chocolate. Picture frames are always a safe bet, there is bound to be pictures from the wedding or other things to put in them. Along the lines of photographs, if you are close friends or relative to one of them, you could gather all pictures you have of them and start a photo album or scrapbook. Check at discount stores and craft stores for the supplies above.

Other Gift Ideas Some other ideas for inexpensive wedding gifts are; Check stores to find out if the couple has a gift registry, then choose something you can afford off that list. You can also look at those lists to get an idea what sort of gift the couple might like. Candles are another gift which many think of when they hear wedding bells.

You can get as many or few as you want. To dress them up a bit, put variety in a basket and add some bubble bath, a bottle of wine, and 2 wine glasses. Wedding gifts do not have to be expensive for the couple to like them. Using your creativity and a dash or romance, you can put together a gift that they will appreciate.

Wedding gifts are meant to be a symbol of your good wishes to the new couple. Feel free to put your own personal touches into your wedding present. The couple will most like appreciate your efforts and thank you for all the hard work you put into their present.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as inspirational gifts at

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