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How to Choose your Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is a great deal of fun, but it also requires a significant amount of planning. Once you have set your date, one of the first wedding details you should turn your attention toward is the selection of your wedding invitations. While at one time traditional wedding invitations appeared only as white or ivory with engraved black in, today there are numerous options available for the modern bride. Due to the wide variety of designs and styles in wedding invitations available, you'll want to get started early in choosing the perfect wedding invitation.

There are numerous factors that will affect your choice of wedding invitation. The first question you should ask yourself is whether you are planning to have a formal, semi-formal or casual wedding ceremony because the type of ceremony you plan will impact your choice of invitations. Regardless of whether you choose formal, semi-formal or casual invitation, generally, wedding invitations include the invitation itself as well as a reception card, response card, separate envelope for the response card, detailed information on accommodations for guests and riving directions and important telephone numbers. Be aware that while there are literally thousands of styles and designs of invitations available for the choosing, there are only six basic types of invitations. These include: Engraved Thermo graphed Printed Calligraphy Handed colored Box set Engraved invitations are the most classic and traditional choice of invitations available. They are also the most expensive type of invitations on the market; however, if you are planning a very formal wedding, engraved invitations are an absolute must.

Keep in mind that you should order your engraved invitations no less than 8 weeks from the date of your wedding, preferably farther in advance. Thermo graphed invitations provide an affordable alternative to engraved invitations. The end result is a very elegant look and while thermo graphed invitations might not be appropriate for a very formal wedding, they would work well for a semi-formal wedding. Plan on ordering these invitations at least six weeks in advance. Printed invitations are one of the most popular choices on the market and are very cost efficient. You can find a wide variety of printed invitations available through most stationary and printer vendors as well as on-line wedding invitations vendors.

While the turn around time for printed invitations is typically better than engraved or thermographed options, you should still plan on ordering your printed invitations at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Printed invitations are appropriate for semi-formal and casual weddings. One option in printed invitations that is definitely gaining favor is the alternative of purchasing 'blank' invitations from printed stationary retailers and then printing your own information. This gives you the option of choosing the design you want and saving a few dollars by handling the printing on your own. Calligraphed invitations are very elegant and work well for weddings with an old fashioned theme. They can be very expensive; however, due to the amount of time and effort involved in producing them.

When deciding on whether to choose calligraphy invitations remember that you need to allow extra time for preparation, plan on additional cost and keep in mind that this type of invitation may smudge if it comes in contact with even a slight amount of moisture. Calligraphy invitations are appropriate for all types of weddings except very formal events. Hand made invitations are gaining in popularity not only because they are cost efficient but because they add a nice personal touch to a very special occasion.

There are numerous options for creating hand made invitations and basically the sky is the limit with choices. Just remember to plan on making additional invitations in case of mistakes and allow plenty of time, especially during this hectic time of your life. Handmade invitations are appropriate for most weddings except very formal events. Handmade invitations can also be easily generated with desktop publishing programs and attractive stationary. Box set invitations are available at most stationary retailers and can provide an quick and easy alternative to other types of invitations.

This type of invitation can also be easily dressed up for a unique and personal touch. Regardless of which type of invitation you ultimately choose, do be sure to allow plenty of time for printing and an additional two weeks for mailing. Also, consider interesting and unique ways you add a personal touch to your wedding invitations, such as unique wording and verses.

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