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How to Write a Successful Personal Ad?

After days or months of unsuccessful approaches in bars, pubs, you have decided to search for the love not in the wrong places and decided to look for the one in online dating so you're one step closer to success by deciding that anyway.

There are 3 important factors in online dating that can instantly lead you to success rather than another failure.

- A solid and stunning personal ad.
- A genuine picture with a warm smile of yours.
- Writing effective emails to your matches.

But, here we'll discuss how to write a personal ad, that could make a difference:

- Always, reveal your age correctly from the start as honesty and trust is the most important factor for a successful online dating relationship.
- Describe yourself accurately. Doesnt matter what it is the question(height, weight, religion, etc..), give accurate answers. Dont try to draw a perfect profile as nobody wants a perfect date but a genuine date.
- Be clear about why are you here, what you're looking for in that dating site.
- Dont go into to much detail what kind of match you're looking for too early as you dont want to eliminate matches so early in the game.
- In your words, try to show your optimistic view of life, sound optimistic in your ad.
- Don't stuff your ad with lots of words or a long history of yourself. Remember, you're not writing a boring CV for a job interview, you're trying to get the attention of your potential dates. So leave spaces when neccessary.
- Show your sense of humour with making a joke about yourself.
- If you have writing skills. Try to write your personal ad like an adventure novel(Dan Brown style if possible) which the other side cannot get enough off but dont finish the story so soon. Leave a page for questions.
- Leave a question mark about yourself and on the other side, be honest, accurate, funny, serious and most important of all mysterious.
- Check for your grammar or any other errors before you complete your ad.

It's been researched and proven that in the new millenium, matching success rates are hundred times more in online dating than offline dating. But that does not mean that you'll be successful nevertheless. Everything good in life needs a bit effort and work. So if you really want to find your other half and build a serious relationship you must care for the candidates and put together a good profile with a shining personal ad and a picture. You care for your potential matches and they will take care of you.

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