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Easy and Simple Ways To Recognize If You are In An Abusive Relationship

Abusive relationship is a growing concern and should be more investigated for accountability. Men and women who are making their partners life a misery should be brought to justice and humiliated in public. Sorry it makes me angry. Having said that, how do you know your partner is an abuser? What are the warning signs you should look for? Statistics(FBI) have proofed that abusers tend to be male who have had an excess of porn magazines/movies and are addicted to this kind of depraved needs. As in most porn, a woman is shown little respect and as such the viewer begins to believe and to takes note. It is not about social, political, economic or inequalities.

The survey results returned negative. There many factors and this is one of them. Signs to watch out for: Slaps, lots of verbal abuse, grabbing, holding, raising hands in anger. Pushing destroys your personal belongings, damages furniture and walls during a fight. Stops you from seeing your friends or family. Shows extreme jealousy of others, make false statement against you.

Physically forces you to have sex against your will. Threatens to hurt you if you do not obey. Stops you from going out with friends. Complete control is their goal, so seek advice and if it occurred in recent times.

Identify what the situation really is before you make your final decision as this can be a costly mistake. For instance their behavior patterns should be noted for sometime, before you pack your bags to leave. It is unhealthy to be in such a relationship as it is demeaning to you and destroys your soulwork. The abuser becomes more narcissists in character believing in their new power. In previous years and decades the system has failed to formulate a way of ironing out these people as it is seen as within closed doors and the saying your home is your castle does not help deep rooted, narrow minded authorities to deal with the issue.

Why do partners in abusive relationship stay? It might surprise you but it is human instincts why they choose to stay. Dependency Fear being hounded for the rest of their life. Things will get better Fear of the unknown and failure Cultural, social, and religious values Love the abusive partner, possibility of change How can you get out of this situation? Inform your family and friends who should then start visiting you on a more regular basis. If you do not have any family or friends (I hope not) pack your most essential items and leave when you can before he notices your absence. Run like hell to a safe place! Visit your GP (doctor), go the police station or call the police. But in doing so the situation will worsen as the police will not act on it but only advice you.

So, seek shelter in a womans refuge home or a friend, family. There are numerous places and you need to have a net connection to see the possibilities of having a normal and wonderful life again.

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