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Dating For the Single Parent

Dating can be a complex and stressful issue for the single parent. For starters you don't have much time. Many a single parent has had to learn to be a juggler between children, work, school, custody schedules and financial issues.

Then there are the kids, who may feel left out, having to compete for mom's or dad's attention. Kids of opposite sex to the parent who are close to her/him may tend be overprotective, a potentially volatile situation especially in case of mom and son. Emotional drain that comes through child rearing can also take its toll.

The energy to go out to meet people might not even be there. We adults can sometimes act irrationally too. Admitting that one is jealous of the attention the other is giving to her/his children is not easy. That person could hold it in till it becomes too much and explodes. Though to parent children are most important, they (parents) should also recognize that they do have emotional and physical needs.

Your happiness or lack of, will rub on your children. Many single parents prefer to date people who also have children. People who have children of their own know the challenges and restrictions of single parenting and therefore more likely to be tolerant and understanding. How does one meet other single parents? Grocery stores, Laundromats, playgrounds, churches and amusement parks are good places if you have no problem striking conversations with strangers. There are groups for single parents to meet and socialize. Most of these groups are not meant for dating, though people do date.

If you are short of time this may not be the best option though. Single parent specialty dating sites may be the best way to go. Internet dating offers the single the convenience of searching anonymously at your convenience and in your own time. You have a wide variety of people who have children, and who are also actively seeking partners. There is one drawback when it comes to dating another single parent.

You are both jugglers. And you have to find a way to keep each ones children out of the relationship until you get comfortable with each other and feel the relationship is for keeps. Why? Because you don't want to send your children the message that partners, or people for that matter, are interchangeable. And also for the safety and well-being of the children, who should be your first responsibility. If you ask me, this is a small price to pay for hopefully a lot of happiness down the road. If you are a single parent looking for a partner who also has children, online dating is something you should at least give a fair try.

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