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How to Succeed in Online Dating with Single Women

Day by day, while online dating is becoming a part of our personal lives, succeeding in online dating gets harder and harder due to high competition. Although uploading a photo and a good personal ad is essential for good results, it is not the most vital element for success.

The looks are far less important for women than men. It's much more important that you are able to communicate with their feelings and even flirting with them and in this case via online messages or emails. You have to take a small step for starting this long journey. So how should you write an effective message that can make impact?:

- Your first goal is to write a message that you can get a reply back and you must make it easy for her. So, ask specific questions which she can answer with more than 3-4 words.

- You must find the things she's interested in and talk about them, while looking back for her passion in them. It's better if you can ask questions that may make her think and feel good about.

- Do not ignore her profile. Read it properly and try asking about the things she seems to be interested in her profile.

- Make her laugh. Show your sense of humour. You can make fun of yourself but dont make fun of her.

- Don't try to ask for a date in first 2-3 emails. First you must create an interest in her and by revealing your personal details such as telephone number or address will make you seem desperate and you'll become a mate rather than a boyfriend in no time.

- You must deepen your messages by sentences like these: "I've been always interested what other people feel passionate about. If you dont mind me asking: What were the moments in your life when you feel like everything you dreamt of had come true. These moments that noone can take them away from you. What were these moments?...." This will make a connection between you and her through her feelings and she'll probably ask the same questions back, so you must be prepared for answering them.

- You must at some point talk about the things you have in common, trying to emphasize you're meant for each other as you have so many things in common.

There are no guarantees in love or dating life but if you try to stick on with these tips you'll increase your chances drastically. You must keep in mind that not every other single woman will be interested in you and you must accept the rejection, move on when this time comes. But who knows when the right time comes, when you sparkle with the light of these tips, you may hit the bulls eye.

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