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Best Flowers for A Winter Wedding

Winter wedding can be spectacular and magical affairs. When choosing your wedding bouquet, there can be quite a lot of confusion and decision making. If you decide to use spring flowers, you will find that they are more costly during winter.

If you go with artificial flowers, then you can choose any flowers you want. However, if you prefer real flowers which you should, then why not just let the season decide the types of wedding flowers? Here are the favorite winter blooms which are great for weddings: Roses Roses are classic flowers that can be used any type of year. Roses are especially pretty when used tastefully during winter weddings. White and red roses are the most popular for winter weddings, and when you use them with sprigs of Holly, pinecones and seasonal berries, they can look especially elegant. When you begin looking for roses to use in your bouquet, your best bet is to use a trusted florist that can provide you with not only beautiful and long lasting roses, but also with the best prices.

Amaryllis A bouquet of fresh Amaryllis looks elegant when nicely tied together with a beautiful bow and left them to flourish in their own beauty. Amaryllis flowers have long and sturdy stems that make them perfect to use as bouquets for the bride and the bridal attendants. These beautiful flowers come in red and white, which are perfect choices for winter weddings. These flowers also come in pink, but this color is less popular for winter weddings. Amaryllis flowers are especially popular to use for reception floral centerpieces because they are easy to keep and are very pretty.

Orchids Orchids are especially nice for weddings that are held in the winter. These come in a wide array of colors and can look especially pretty when used alone or alongside with other floral accents. Orchids are generally more expensive than other types of flowers, but when you use them sparingly they can create a stunning impact on any bridal bouquet. Poinsettias Of course when you think of the winter season, you probably think of the beautiful and graceful poinsettias.

Poinsettias traditionally come in deep red and white. However, you can now find poinsettias that are dyed to match almost any color and are adorned with glitter. Red poinsettias are by far the most popular choice for weddings and wedding receptions. Not only can you use these as your centerpieces at your reception, but you can also use them in your bouquet.

They are inexpensive, easy to find, and they will last a long time after your wedding is over. Winter Accents Don't forget about the floral accents that are popular to use for winter weddings. Sprigs of holly, ivy, seasonal berries and boughs of Douglas Fir will all catch your attention. You can find all sorts of uses for these wonderful floral accents. These can be used with the flowers of your choice or alone, decorating church pews and reception tables. You simply cannot go wrong with these beautiful choices.

Winter is the time to think about warmth. Let your flower arrangements echo your favorite parts of the season. If you like the snow in the winter then you could add silver sparkle to all the tips of the flowers to create an icy effect. If you like the Christmas holiday then incorporate the red and green traditional colors with roses and pine. If you celebrate Hanukah you could do all white amaryllis wrapped in blue tulle. If New Year is your favorite then consider using off white or yellow roses in tall cylinders on each table and dressing the table itself in rich black cloth.

Be inspired by what the season means to you. Gather some picture of holidays past and bring them to your florist. Together you will be able to create a beautiful wedding with sentimental value.

Wedding is a special time for both of you. A winter wedding can even be more magical. Go to Winter Wedding Ideas to learn the savvy tips and ideas to make your winter wedding a success.

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