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A Guideline For Online Dating Safety

Is online dating safe or not? Let's take a look at what the dangers are and determine whether online dating safety is actually a reality. Identity theft is a growing trend with online dating therefore it may or may not be a good idea for some people. Although you will find risks to online dating you will also find many benefits that may outweigh the risk. Being informed will help you keep away from the downsides. The Big Problem - Privacy and Security Considered one of the biggest problems in online dating safety - privacy and security.

You will find sites that will not guarantee the privacy of a user. Always look for the posted site warnings, normally in small print at the bottom of their site stating "privacy policy". It's highly recommended that you read the policies to be certain you know and understand what the site is about.

If the site will allow non-members to view registered member profiles and/or personal information you can be fairly certain that this site has a lack of online dating safety. Any site that would allow this is definitely not recommended. Being Careful About Identity Theft Always remember that people can become hackers by using the Internet, when registering with an online dating service you expose yourself to these types of people who are looking for your personal information. Committing crimes with other people's identity is one of the main purposes these criminal personality types register with online dating services. Some hackers have the ability to figure out just enough information to obtain members credit card numbers and pin numbers and use this information to make purchases under their name. A Word About Fraud What should you look for to determine if fraud is taking place? One example would be the online dating site owner taking money from users that pay for certain services yet the member never receives the promised service.

Another warning sign would be if one member asked another member to pay for the trip to meet each other in their hometown, yet the member would keep the money and not show up at the meeting place. Cyber Stalking Stalking is a major problem in online dating safety because members of the site can obtain information on a personal nature through the dating service. It would be very easy to turn this information around and use it to injure or harass the members.

While its true that the Internet has made it easy for cyber stalkers, online dating is not to blame for the cyber stalking, it just makes it easier. Cyber stalking was not even considered a threat until recent world events. You should always take online dating safety extremely serious. Always take the utmost precautions.

Never forget that people can be anyone or anything they want to be online, including someone that could possibly hurt you. Never believe everything people tell you.

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